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Rick Pitts

Chief Pilot of the Gentry Eagle


Rick’s father, Ron Pitts, started his charter fishing business with a 16 foot boat. Rick was born and raised in Ft. Myers and started working with his father when he was 9 years old. Together, they grew the business into a small company with 5 boats, 3 of which were over 100 feet long.  Rick’s entire life has involved working on around power boats. Almost 40 years later, Rick now has his Ph. D from the Atlantic Ocean University of Hard Knocks. Rick earned his 100 Ton Master license over 26 years ago. He routinely carries out charters, sometimes for weeks at a time. Though he can’t put a precise number to it, Rick has easily carried out tens of thousands of passengers in his career, and puts well over 10,000 hours of work on his boats each year. Rick started Scuba diving at 11 and is a NAUI Scuba instructor with well over 5000 dives. Want someone to take you into the Gulf of Mexico and show you where and how to spear the big boys and catch the big bugs?

Rick’s Getaway truly is the Ultimate!  And yer Captain highly recommends her!

Rick’s current charter boat is a 100 foot Breaux Bait Craft. Like the Gentry Eagle, she has a welded aluminum hull and weighs in at 100 Tons. Also like the Gentry Eagle, she sports a pair of MTU diesel engines. Rick maneuvers his boat with the agility of a humming bird. If it’s a big power boat, Rick is the man you want at the wheel! Victoria 500 specially sought out Rick to join our team and we are proud beyond words to have him as our Chief Pilot!


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