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The Race

The Gentry Eagle will race over 30,500 miles in 29 planned legs; Will travel from the equator to the arctic circle; Will dock in 21 different countries and travel through the waters of many others.  As is the Gentry Eagle tradition, we intend to shatter the exiting record of 60 days, 23 hours, and 49 minutes.  A record hard earned by the late “Earth Race”.

Victoria 500, will comply completely with the UIM Rules to acquire the  certified world record for the fastest global circumnavigation in a power boat.

The Gentry Eagle will carry an operational crew of 12. They will be supplemented by special member support crews of 6 to 8 members that change at each port.

We will pass through the pirate infested waters of Somalia and at all times keep an eye on the horizons for threats of terrorism. For obvious security reasons, the particulars of our route will not be publicly disclosed until shortly before the voyage.