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Captain's bLog

We honor our oceans. They affect the lives of every person every day.  From our weather, to our food, to our commerce, and to the very air we breathe! Each of us is tied to the oceans as they mysteriously move our desires and touch places deep inside our souls that few of us ever understand.

Of course we honor our oceans. We just don’t know if they are a part of us, or us a part of them.

- Captain John Morrison, 18 January 2011

This project, though feeble in comparison to the expedition of Magellan, shares many common elements.  In particular, it is a dream and a challenge that I alone can never realize. It will take all my determination and skills along with those of my crew and staff. Yet we still are not enough to see this through.  This project will take the financial contributions of supporters, sponsors, and investors.  It will take people like you who want to share this dream and enjoy the glory as this dream comes true. I personally welcome all who will come to sea with me, even if only through your support.

- Captain John Morrison, 23 January 2011

Unfortunately, numerous problems left me with no option but to suspend and likely end this endeavor. I knew going into this project that I might not be able to pull this together, but felt the dream was worth pursuing even if I couldn't make it happen. I would rather try and lose, than never try at all.

I am so very proud and thankful to my exceptional crew and everyone who gave many hours of their time chasing this dream. Even though I may not realize this dream, I’m sure others will. I like thinking that I may have contributed to their success if only by inspiring them is some little way. This project has enriched my life in so many ways.

- Captain John Morrison, 6 June 2014