Don Sherrill

Executive Officer of the Gentry Eagle, Executive Vice-President, Victoria 500, Inc.


DONALD SHERRILL CAPT, USNR Ret. CAPT Sherrill is a Graduate of Georgia Institute of Technology where he earned his Master’s Degree in Environmental Planning. He has held positions as Research Scientist, Project Manager and Program Manager for several prestigious Research organizations and engineering consulting firms, including Georgia Tech, Battelle Memorial Institute, and Burns and McDonnell. He later formed his own successful consulting firm, The Keppler Group, focusing on environmental due-diligence and site assessments.


While perusing his environmental career, CAPT Sherrill committed additional time and resources on a dual career in the US Naval Air Reserve. Serving in Patrol Squadron VP-94, CAPT Sherrill flew anti-submarine and surveillance missions around the world in the P-3 Orion aircraft. Following his operational experience, CAPT sherrill moved on to serve on the staff of COMNAVEASTLANT, a two-star Admiral responsible for all logistics in the North Atlantic theater of operations in time of war. He spent a good deal of time planning NATO exercises out of the UK. CAPT Sherrill retired from the Navy in 1990 after serving at Naval HQ in London during Operation Desert Shield. He now peruses projects of special interest.

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