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John Connor

John Conner 4-s

Project Manager, Gentry Eagle Redesign & Engineering

Planning to circumnavigate the world in a one of a kind boat isn’t exactly like planning a family picnic. Every detail is a challenge and has to be examined 20 different ways and for every answer we find we raise 3 questions. When the Captain and the XO decided to climb the mountain in search of the guru with the answers, they journeyed to the farms lands south of Miami.  And there they found him:

John Connor.


No one knows the Gentry Eagle better.  No one has spent more time on her design, redesign, repairs, renovations, and aboard her on the seas. Of course, this is no surprise.  John was the throttleman and project manager for the Gentry Eagle.  John Spent years spearheading the racing efforts of the legendary figures such as Tom Gentry, John Henry Faulk, and Paul and Betty Cook.

Together, John Connor and Tom Gentry set the Trans-Atlantic crossing record. The Atlantic crossing wasn’t Connor and Gentry’s first off shore racing exploit together. The two teamed up in 1986 and together — Gentry Racing and Connor Engineering — won two world powerboat championships and set a world Superboat speed record, averaging 148.238 mph in the 48-foot Cougar Cat Gentry Turbo Eagle, which raced with four 1,400-hp Gentry turbo engines that Connor had helped develop.
 As president of Kaama Marine, John Connor helped develop the Arneson and Kaama surface drives and oversaw the sales and manufacturing of the Kaama drive in California and Florida. He holds three patents related to surface-drive propulsion, co-developed the Scarab 38 with Larry Smith and licensed the Scarab design and technology to pleasure-boat builder Wellcraft Marine.  Connor also put his skills to work as chief instructor for the Wellcraft High Performance Driving School and assisted Formula and Pro-Line in developing step-hull designs.