John Morrison

Captain of the Gentry Eagle, CEO of Victoria 500, Inc.

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.John Morrison is a graduate and former faculty member of Georgia Tech.  He received his Bachelor of Engineering Science and Mechanics in 1983 and specialized in computer aided engineering and analysis.  John left his position as a senior consultant to NASA at Johnson Space Center's Mission Control to attend law school on a full Presidential scholarship.  After graduating from Washburn University School of Law, he returned to his home town in south Georgia and established a law practice.  John is in the 18th year of his law practice and has served as the Chief Magistrate Judge, Municipal Court Judge, District Attorney Pro Tem, City and County Attorney, and has represented many clients and tried many cases.  John is a PADI scuba instructor, life long boat owner and salty dog, and a licensed race car driver and team owner who has set 16 land speed records.




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