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Rank & Promotions

Pursuant to Naval Tradition, every member of Victoria 500 has a rank.  Further, no matter what rank you start at, you can earn or buy promotions. 


First, members can simply contribute the difference to a higher rank: For instance, a Seaman First Class is at the $10.00 level.  He can contribute $15.00 more and become a Chief. Second, without having to contribute any additional money, promotions occur automatically when members earn enough “Promotion Points”.  Active members constantly earn and accumulate promotion points and are automatically promoted when they earn enough points.  The points used to gain a promotion are then deducted from each member’s accumulated promotion points.


How to earn Promotion Points:

Earning promotion points is easy and fun.  You earn points by posting in the forums and by getting other people you know to become members.


Refer a new member - Earn 10 promotion points for each dollar contributed by new members that you referred!  i.e. Refer a new member joining as a Chief at $25.00 X 10 earns you 250 promotion points.  Posting in the Forums - Earn 1 promotion point for each legitimate post you make in any of the forums. 


Points are combined:

Example: Let’s say you refer four new members.  Two joint as Able Seaman for a dollar each, one joins as a Seaman First Class for $10.00, and another as a Master Chief for $50.00.  Plus, you have 126 posts.  Your accumulated points would be as follows:


$2.00 x 10 = 20 promotion points for referring 2 new Able Seaman, plus $10.00 X 10 = 100 promotion points for referring a new Seaman First Class, plus $50.00 X 10 = 500 promotion points for referring a new Chief, plus 126 promotion points from posting in the forums since last promotion or joining 746 promotion points earned and accumulated.


If you were a Seaman First Class, this would result in a promotion to Chief and 500 points would be deducted from your accumulated total leaving you with 746 – 500 = 246 remaining promotions points.  That figure would continue to grow as you make more posts and refer additional new members.


Number of Promotion Points Required for Promotion to the Next Highest Rank:

Able Seaman to Seaman First Class:   250 points; Seaman First Class to Chief:   500 points; Chief to Master Chief:    750 points

Master Chief to Mid-Shipman:  1000 points; Mid-Shipman to Ensign:   1250 points; Ensign to Lieutenant:    1500 points

Lieutenant to Commander:   1750 points; Commander to Captain:   2000 points; Captain to Admiral:    2250 points.


Limitations on Promotions:

Promotions are not available beyond Admiral.  However, the Admiral who has achieved the greatest number of promotion points in his career will have earned the honor of being a Crew Member on the Gentry Eagle and ride on board for one leg of her record run!

Earning promotions does not earn merchandise, only rank.  However, promoted members can purchase the rank equivalent merchandise and are afforded all other privileges of their rank.