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Her Future

The Gentry Eagle is a spectacular working of Maritime Innovation and American History.  She was purpose built for speed in the open oceans.  Relaunched in 1992 as a luxury yacht, the Gentry Eagle was dramatically transformed.  This entailed many modifications to include removing a lot of her fuel capacity and using the space for crew quarters, adding two luxurious staterooms, adding a large rear observation deck, and many other significant modifications. 

The Victoria 500 team and crew are hard at work redesigning the rebirth of the Gentry Eagle to make sure we create a one of a kind open ocean race boat capable of meeting the demanding requirements of a global circumnavigation while incorporating the newest marine technologies that have evolved since the Gentry Eagle’s glory days in the late 1980’s.  We are considering various redesign, reconstruction, and new construction options that will utilize the Gentry Eagle’s existing design and technology innovations, yet replace and reinnovate some of her outdated systems.  Ultimately, the Gentry Eagle or the Gentry Eagle II will be designed to the rigorous requirements of ensuring high speed travel over the open oceans.